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The Frugal Fly Rodder 

I am currently under-construction with a new store I am building for the South central Ohio area… I will update this website as soon as I am done with that.

Here is my favorite fly I use: The Streapper 

Check out my Main YouTube channel… 

I am wanting to produce video to show you fresh ideas and some of my journeys. My long term plan is to present how easy and fun fly fishing really is… it is NOT rocket science, it is not hard, it does not need to be expensive, it is not just for trout and it IS NOT reserved for the elite.

If you love chasing and catching smallmouth bass, fly fishing is just another way to catch them, and I can tell you… it’s a blast!!!

I caught the smallmouth bass in the photo above while wading a very skinny creek (shallow and not very wide); and the materials I used to tie the fly I caught it on was tied with mostly materials I bought at a craft store.

Check out the rest of my website here, bookmark it and watch it grow as I give you economical way to catch some of the most exciting fresh/warm water fish that fight like non-other.

If you ever see me on the water… say hello, if I have any extra flies, I might give you one to try.

Tight lines my friends,

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