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Some of the flies I tie that might not even be considered a fly by some people who think fly fishing is only for trout. I say, “anything to light to cast with casting or spinning gear, it’s fair game to be used on a fly rod”.

Ultimate Brush Table

This table is a little over engineered… okay, maybe a lot. But one thing for certain, it is the ultimate brush making table. To build this table is going to require an advanced knowledge of the use of shop tools. If extra care is taken, you can cut aluminum on a miter saw and the […]


Your vinyl decal requires a couple considerations to make sure it stays on. To make it easy, I produced a video that will show exactly what you need and need to do for a lasting professionally applied decal. Here is the link to that video: or you cal watch the video on this post below… […]

A Killer Smallmouth Streamer Popper

This is my favorite popper for chasing smallies… Click here to see the hot-to-tie video on YouTube Equipment I use… Studio: Roland Vr 4HD — Memory — Go Pro Camera — Sony Cameras — Studio Mic — Tying: Renzetti Vise — Rite Bobbin — Loopers: One Step 3.0 […]

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