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Extra thick EVA foam for poppers

Extra thick EVA foam for poppers. ONLY $5.50

No more laminating foam to get 10mm (a little over 3/8” thick).

If you want you can laminate for these thicknesses:

  • Two pieces yields just over 3/4” thick
  • Three pieces yields just under 1 – 1/4” thick
  • You can make as thick as you wish with less laminating…

These 5” X 8” sheets are over twice the perimeter size and as much as 5 times thicker than the stuff you buy at any other typical outlet that sells EVA foam you might use to make poppers.  This product takes paint very well for a base and then can be painted with an air brush effect using the method pointed out from: This link to my YouTube channel

Above are samples of cut outs.

  • Suggested plug size for one layer is 5/16″
  • Suggested plug size for two layers is 3/8″
  • Suggested plug size for three layers is 1/2″

Updated: February 28, 2019 — 6:25 pm


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  1. Craig M. Vohwinkle

    Mike, just watched the Streaper video. I am interested in the same size foam you used as well as the punch tool you have pictured above, do you offer that tool or can I assume that it was one of your home made creations?

    Love the videos and the site.

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