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Market Place

This is my market place for you that I have setup at the request of many friends and members of fly tying groups. I hadn’t plan on doing this; but there are a number of things I use and tools I make that just can’t found for the typical fly tyer.

I will try to make this as economically feasible to your pocketbook as I can by keeping my profits at a minimum. Everything I sell already has the shipping costs incorporated. And since I collect though PayPal, I get a statement every year from them on the money I have collected. So there is no getting out of paying my taxes that are due each year for doing business online.

Below are the current things I have available:

TOOLS (custom made for you)


MATERIALS (bought at a discount to pass on to you)


(all decals are cut out on white vinyl some custom artwork can be made available at an additional charge)

Keep checking back for new designs

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