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How to survive people who “think” they’re fly fishing purists

First, being a purist is not a bad thing, unless the person who thinks they are a purist is pushing their ideology on someone else. If they do that, they are not a purist, they are an insecure troll. 

People who think they are protecting the art of fly fishing by adhering strictly and often excessively to a tradition, are missing the point of what any style of “fishing” is; and that’s “mostly” about having fun.  

A true purist will not care what anyone is using or how other people are fishing; and will not think, if someone is not doing it “the right way”, it is their responsibility to fix them. 

A true purist will not posture themselves by “starting” baseless arguments to what they think is proving a point. 

If someone wants to be a purist… more power to them and we should support their belief; but they should be a purist and not a troll.

There have been people who accused me of having baseless arguments; and its my way or the highway. That is not true, I’ve only always backed up what I do and why I do it. I never twist anyones arm until they do anything my way. Ive always said anyone can have fun as long as someone else is not trying to take that fun away by posturing their expertise.

There have been people (whom I will not name, like they do me) that go around to other fishing groups and lie about who I am and what I stand for. If anyone wants to know what I stand for… “it is having fun in our sport and supporting any way anyone wants to go about it”.

I survive these attacks (I hope you can too), because I know I am not someone who has a single-minded intent for destroying a sport that is not reserved for people who are the actual ones destroying the love of it. They perpetuate destroying it by vilifying anyone who does not approach fly fishing they way they do. And when they do that,  they’re showing their insecurities. I mean, “God Forbid” someone have fun catching a fish, any species of fish, on a $69 fly rod outfit from a department store, on a fly they created with craft materials. That’s BLASPHEMY… right?

Updated: June 28, 2019 — 10:20 pm


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  1. Great points, I agree 100%

  2. Ditto, I get the same comments on why don’t I be like the rest of the crowd. I shoot archery stringwalker style I love the challange , I predominantly fly fish and tie my own flies, I carve wood I like carcatures. Tuff s**t guys I want to be me ande joh what I do. So there pssszzzzz!!!

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